Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Maths Nets Explaining

My Narrative Story

Narrative Writing Plan

My Reflection
I am learning to write a Narrative.
I found the summary column easy because we had a guide to help us. Describing Yeats was also easy because we learnt lots information about him because he is the main character of the story. The challenging part of my plan was describing my character ( Faith ) because it was a character that was least mentioned so It's a little trickier to know.
My next step is to write a narrative story.


My Reflection
This is my Biosphere. We made biospheres to learn about what would happen if the earth got uninhabitable.
I had to learn what a Biosphere is and then create it using cardboard, scraps and materials 
I found this project really fun because we get to go crazy and make a creation.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Diary Post-Term 4 Week 6

Dear Diary,
Over the last exciting weeks we had been doing some extraordinary activities. Let me explain about my journey at school.

One of my most favorite projects we had done as a group base activity was making biospheres. We learnt that biospheres is a dome or a place that us humans can live in. Its also a place to keep our living environment in such as fresh air, plants and crops to eat and water. After learning about what is a biosphere and checked out what it looks like in a biosphere we started making our own biospheres using cardboard, glue and scraps og paper and cardboard.
Image result for Between Two Ends
At school our class had been reading a book called Between Two Ends. Last week we had finished the last chapters of the book and finished the story with a very curious ending. The story is about a boy called Yeats who wanted to save a girl called Shari who was sucked into the story Arabian Nights and wanted to be a character of the story. Over the journey Yeats encountered adventurous missions and thousands of jobs. But at the end he finds Shari and bring her back home.

This term we have a huge event for the Year 6s. Around the end of the term we have a dance and so we have to learn some couple dances and partner dances. Last week we learnt a couple dance. We also learnt some dance moves to some songs. One of my favorite songs is Cha-Cha Slide. Cha-Cha slide is a song that you can dance for fun.

Image result for treasure chest clip art
Image result for treasure chest templateWe have been learning about 3D shapes and their nets. Nets is basically the  structure to making a 3D shape. We learnt that a net is made using 2d shapes which is built to make a 3D shape. Once we had an idea of making a net we decided to make a pirate ship and a treasure chest using paper and drawing out the nets. My group decided to make a treasure chest. We thought that the pirate ship was going to be harder to make but actually the
treasure chest far too hard to make.

This term we´re doing swimming but instead of swimming as a whole class we split up with two groups.One is called Squirtles  which is the beginners group and the other group is Blastoids which is the more advanced swimming group. I am in the more advanced group because I'm pretty good at swimming. In our group we learnt to do stream lining swimming and how to breathe by rolling our head onto our shoulder. Swimming is one my most favorite activities I have done so far.
Image result for Bye
Well that´s all I have right now thank you for reading and I will see you all soon.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Ballad Writing

My Reflection
I am learning to write a ballad.
I had to make a plan and use the key words as my rhyming words. Then I formed into each stansers.
I found this tricky because it was hard finding the best word to rhyme with.